About Us: Sabong Philippines Mission and Vision

Sabong Philippines (PH Sabong) has actively contributed to local communities by supporting businesses and organizing events for sabong enthusiasts worldwide. Our platform sees itself as an integral part of community development with Talpakan Online Sabong today.

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What is Sabong Philippines?

what is sabong philippines

Sabong Philippines is the famous online sabong and cockfighting platform offering live cockfighting game shows through the Philippines’ inland Talpakan. We also feature sabong blogs, sabong news, sabong events, online sabong updates, and other related online casino game guides for entertainment content.

About Us | Sabong Philippines Mission & Vision

sabong philippines mission and vision


Sabong Philippines is on a mission to preserve the essence of tradition while promoting responsible and ethical practices within the realm of cockfighting.


A glimpse into the future reveals Sabong’s commitment to fostering a sustainable and ethical future for the sport.

Cockfighting “Sabong” in the Philippines

cockfighting “sabong” in the philippines

Cockfighting, or sabong, is an extremely common sport and tradition in the Philippines that has a big effect on the economy. The government controls the Sabong, which has a lot of fans and breeders across the country who take part in tournaments and activities. Filipino culture has a lot to do with the sport, which is celebrated at markets and other social events.

Sabong has also been very important to the Philippine economy by raising and selling fighting cocks and other related products, creating jobs, and making money. Cockfighting events are also popular tourist spots. People come from all over the world to see the sport and learn about the culture and customs of the area.

The Team Behind Sabong Philippines

The success and vibrancy of Sabong Philippines are not solely attributed to the phenomenon of cockfighting but also to the dedicated individuals who form the backbone of the organization.

the team behind sabong philippines

Organizational Leadership

At the helm of Sabong Philippines is a seasoned leader, overseeing the strategic direction and ensuring the organization stays true to its values. This key figure is responsible for decision-making, long-term planning, and fostering a culture of excellence.

Animal Welfare and Veterinary Care

Ethical treatment of gamecocks is paramount, and team members with backgrounds in veterinary care take charge of ensuring the health, well-being, and ethical treatment of the prized roosters.

Roles and Responsibilities

Team members specializing in community engagement work tirelessly to connect Sabong with local communities, promoting positive relationships, and implementing philanthropic initiatives.

Ethical Practices

A common thread among team members is a commitment to ethical practices in cockfighting, ensuring that Sabong remains a responsible and respected institution.

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Address: 14 San Ignacio, Makati, 1225 Metro Manila Philippines

Phone Number: +639664258550

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Postcode: 1225

Sabong Philippines Author: Greg Clifford


In 2021, Sabong Philippines was established. Today, Sabong Philippines is a well-known platform with a group of skilled, knowledgeable employees who work hard to give its customers outstanding live online sabong services.

Sabong Philippines actively contributes to local communities by supporting businesses, organizing events that foster local economies, and implementing philanthropic initiatives.

The key figures behind Sabong Philippines include visionary founders and a dedicated core team. Their diverse backgrounds, a shared passion for Sabong, and leadership roles collectively drive the organization’s success.


Sabong Philippines stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of Filipino tradition and the evolution of cockfighting as a cultural phenomenon. As we reflect on Sabong’s journey, we invite enthusiasts, community members, and those curious about this cherished tradition to explore more about Sabong through our website. Explore, engage, and become a part of the Sabong Philippines community.