Is Online Sabong Legit – All About Cockfighting in the Philippines

In the Philippines, online sabong is not officially regulated. However, there are some alternatives to playing and enjoying it. There are a few playable options that you might enjoy. Let’s discuss the legal scope of the sport in the Philippines at the present time, as well as the aspects of the sport that are still permitted.

is online sabong legit

Is Online Sabong Legit? About Sabong in the Philippines

In the Philippines, is online sabong legit? Until now, there is no nationwide ban on cockfighting, but since 1948, cockfighting has been forbidden every Rizal Day on December 30, with violators subject to fines or imprisonment under Republic Act No. 229. It is strengthened by Presidential Decree No. 449, sometimes known as the Anti-Cockfighting Law of 1974, which allows cockfights only on Sundays, certain holidays, and special events and only at permitted cockpits.

about sabong in the philippines

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) declared on March 14, 2020, that cockfighting is temporarily prohibited in the Philippines due to the prohibition of public gatherings during the coronavirus epidemic and community quarantines across the country. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte has outlawed cockfighting in the city beginning April 16, 2020. Cockfighting has significant cultural origins in the Philippines that date back to prehistoric times. When the Filipinos first came to Hawaii, they brought a big wave of cockfighting with them despite the fact that it was widely opposed by natives.

The Conflict Continues On

Online Sabong is a subject of intense discussion. People who support it speak out about its cultural and economic benefits, while people who oppose it focus on the risks of addiction, animal mistreatment, and social unrest. The Philippine government has taken some initial steps toward regulation by telling some operators to stop what they’re doing and setting up task groups to look into the problem. But a permanent answer is still out of reach.

Best Sabong Alternatives for Major E-Sabong Events

Online Sabong is still a complicated and frequently controversial issue in the Philippines because of unclear laws and moral concerns. However, there are still ways to enjoy the thrilling experience of cockfighting without using potentially dangerous online platforms. Depending on
what you like, here are some other choices you might want to think about:

best sabong alternatives

Traditional Sabong Pits:

Licensed Cockpits: The Philippines boasts numerous government-licensed cockfighting arenas, particularly in rural areas. These venues operate under strict regulations and offer a lively atmosphere, allowing you to witness the action up close and experience the cultural significance of the sport firsthand. Some notable examples include the Baguio Fighting Cock Arena, Marilao Cockpit Arena, and Alabang Cockpit Arena.

Town Fiestas: Many Philippine towns and cities hold traditional cockfighting tournaments as part of their annual fiestas. These events offer a festive atmosphere, often combined with other cultural activities and performances. Attending a local fiesta can be a great way to experience the authentic spirit of sabong while supporting the community.

Travel Destinations for Sabong:

Mindoro: The island of Mindoro is renowned for its vibrant cockfighting culture, particularly in the towns of Sablayan and San Jose. If you’re looking for a truly immersive experience, consider planning a trip to Mindoro during a major tournament like the Mindoro Cockfight Derby.

Negros Occidental: The province of Negros Occidental, particularly the city of Bacolod, is another hotspot for sabong enthusiasts. The annual Panaad Festival in Bacolod features a prestigious cockfighting competition, attracting top breeders and bettors from across the country.

Additional Alternatives:

Virtual Reality Cockfighting: While not as immersive as real-life sabong, some VR experiences offer a simulated cockfighting environment, allowing you to engage in virtual matches without the ethical concerns associated with live animals.

Board Games and Card Games: Several board games and card games, such as “Sabo” and “Cockfight,” are inspired by cockfighting. These can provide a fun and strategic alternative to watching real matches, especially for groups of friends or family.

Sabong Terms and Definitions

If you’ve ever played sabong, you’ll be familiar with the e-Sabong betting terms. These should be similar to the cockfighting odds you’re used to. However, if you’re new to cockfighting or a non-Filipino visiting the islands and want to experience this cultural favorite, you’ll need to understand the basic words and betting bonuses associated with them. These are as follows:

sabong terms and conditions

Kristo – Bet Taker

Meron – The designated spot or side in the arena where the cock with the bigger center bet or

initial bet is placed.

Wala – The designated spot or side for the cock with a lesser initial bet.

Llamado – Term used on a cock with a bigger center bet or initial bet; it may also refer to the cock, which is the crowd’s “favorite.”

Dejado – Term used on a cock with a lesser bet or which is an “underdog.” Carreo – The actual handling of both cocks by the referee when one or both cocks stop fighting to see if they will continue to go until a winner is declared.

Parada (Center Bet) – Refers to the amount or bet placed on a cock with the management “favorite.” Promoter – A person licensed by the Commission as such, who is engaged in the convening, meeting, holding, and celebration of specially programmed and arranged cockfighting like local or international derbies or competitions, special mains or encounters, pintakasi or ordinary fights or hackfights.

Entry – Refers to registered participation in a derby event as prescribed by the promoter/management.

Pot Money – The amount prescribed by promoter/management to qualify for a prize but which is not obligatory for entries.

Sentenciador (Referee) – A person licensed by the Commission with complete power and authority to observe and supervise the progress of the cockfight, as well as to decide and announce a winner or a draw contest.

Hackfights – The ordinary fight or actual combat between two pitted cocks by ulutan system or pairing.

Derby – A special cockfight event wherein registered fights are pitted by weights, the championships which are determined by the entry garnering the highest number of points.

Soltada – The actual fight or physical combat of two (2) pitted or evenly matched gamecocks, where bets on either side are placed.

Bettors – The individual or people who bet money on cocks that are about to fight. Even though the above sabong terms are the most popular ones at the cockpits, this is mostly because it’s easier for the bookmakers to offer them.

Philippines Mobile E-Sabong Betting Apps

philippines mobile e-sabong betting

Currently, all e-Sabong betting takes place in an unregulated and illegal manner over the Internet via laptops, desktops, and mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Androids. Of course, once authorized, accessibility will improve completely, with mobile sabong betting set to become the most popular way to wager. Instead of making wagers at physical or online sabong platforms, the bulk of Filipino bettors now wager on sports via mobile sportsbooks at offshore sportsbooks.

While such websites do not and most likely cannot offer e-Sabong betting, they do offer a wide range of other markets for both domestic and international sports, such as online casinos, online bingo, fishing games, live dealer games, and sports betting.


No, Online Sabong is currently illegal in the Philippines due to a lack of clear regulations surrounding online gambling and animal welfare concerns.

Yes, licensed cockfighting arenas in the Philippines operate under government regulations and are legal.

Animal cruelty, gambling addiction, and potential social harm are the main ethical concerns regarding Sabong.

Attending licensed cockfighting arenas, participating in town fiestas with sabong events, or exploring VR Sabong alternatives are ethical ways to engage with the sport.


The world of Sabong in the Philippines is complicated; it’s rooted in cultural history but challenged with modern legal and moral issues. While Online Sabong is still an explosive topic because of its lack of regulation and associated risks, there are lots of methods to enjoy the excitement of cockfighting responsibly and ethically.

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