Greg Clifford Author | A Filipino Anthropologist in the World of Cockfighting

Greg Clifford, a distinguished Filipino anthropologist and writer, has left an indelible mark on the world of cockfighting through his insightful contributions to the Sabong Philippines site. Born and raised in the vibrant cultural tapestry of the Philippines, Clifford’s early life was shaped by the rich traditions and diverse heritage of his homeland.

Sabong Philippines Author | Greg Clifford

Greg Clifford is a prolific contributor to the Sabong Philippines site. Greg is a Filipino anthropologist who wrote “Notes on the Great Fighting Rooster” about the practice of cockfighting in the Philippines. He became a well-known Sabungero writer in the larger online sabong society, from which judgments on other parts of the sport may be formed.

greg clifford

Early Life and Cultural Roots

early life and cultural roots

Clifford was born and raised in the Philippines, a country with a lot of different traditions and heritages. He went to school at the University of Manila and was born in Quezon City. He comes from a family with quite a number of fowl. On his dad’s big farm, you can see different kinds of animals that they raise and sell. As he got bigger, taking care of the fowl helped him learn more about them. When he began going to the Tupada with his father, he became engaged in learning more and studying about the Online sabong field. His childhood gave him a deep appreciation for cultural variations. His work echoes the customs of his home country, which gives his study of cockfighting a unique flavor.

Greg Clifford Noteworthy Achievements

His passion for understanding cultures led him to pursue anthropology, and he dedicated himself to the study of societal dynamics and traditions. Greg Clifford’s educational journey was marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, and he honed his skills to become a keen observer of cultural practices, eventually earning a degree in anthropology.

noteworthy achievements

Notes on the Great Fighting Rooster Work

One of Clifford’s most significant achievements in the field of anthropology is his acclaimed work titled “Notes on the Great Fighting Rooster.” This groundbreaking piece delves into the intricate world of cockfighting in the Philippines, providing a nuanced perspective on how this age-old practice serves as a microcosm of the broader Filipino society. Clifford’s insightful analysis argues that the cockfight serves as a pastiche, offering a model through which broader judgments about Philippines culture can be drawn.

Hosted the World Slasher Cup and Cockfighting Culture

A country that has hosted several World Slasher Cup derbies, the Philippines serves as a prominent stage for the world’s leading game fowl breeders. Biannually held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City, this event is dubbed the “Olympics of Cockfighting.” Clifford’s engagement with such events showcases his immersion in the heart of cockfighting culture, providing firsthand experiences that enrich his understanding.

World Gamefowl Expo 2014: A Milestone Event

In the landscape of gamefowl events, the World Gamefowl Expo 2014 stands out. Hosted in the World Trade Center Metro Manila, this expo gathered enthusiasts and experts alike. Along with his involvement in such important events, Clifford is determined to stay on top of changes in the cockfighting community.

Expertise in Online Cockfighting

expertise in online cockfighting

Greg Clifford’s expertise extends beyond academia into the realm of online cockfighting, where he has established himself as a seasoned player. Drawing from personal experience as a cockfighter, Clifford brings a unique perspective to the industry. His deep understanding of the intricacies of the online cockfighting landscape positions him as a valuable source of information for players seeking insights into the art of cockfighting.

In his role as a prolific contributor to Sabong Philippines, Clifford shares his wealth of knowledge on what distinguishes the best roosters in the competitive arena. From Peruvian gamefowl to Kelso, Hatch, and Roundhead cocks, he provides expert analysis and thoughtful commentary on various breeds. Clifford’s writings guide enthusiasts on how to train and select fighting roosters based on specific traits, shapes, and speed.

Goals and Vision

goal and vision

Greg Clifford’s contributions to the world of cockfighting align with his overarching goal of fostering a deeper understanding of cultural practices. By bringing together academic knowledge and real-life experience, he hopes to raise the conversation about cockfighting by showing how important it is to culture and how it can teach us about how society works.

As a writer, anthropologist, and seasoned cockfighter, Greg Clifford continues to be a driving force in promoting a nuanced understanding of this age-old tradition. His vision is not only to inform but also to inspire a renewed appreciation for the cultural tapestry that cockfighting weaves within the Philippines and beyond. Through his work, Clifford encourages enthusiasts to view cockfighting as more than just a sport but as a lens through which the intricate fabric of a society can be unraveled and appreciated.

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Peruvian gamefowl, Kelso, Hatch, Roundhead, among others.

He sees it as a lens to unravel and appreciate the intricate fabric of society.

Through expert analysis and thoughtful commentary on various rooster breeds.

To elevate the discourse around cockfighting and showcase its cultural significance.


Greg Clifford emerges as a pioneering figure seamlessly blending academic rigor with practical experience in the world of cockfighting. His journey from the cultural tapestry of the Philippines to the global stage of cockfighting events reflects a commitment to unraveling the complexities of this tradition. As a distinguished anthropologist, writer, and seasoned cockfighter, Clifford continues to contribute significantly to the discourse, shedding light on the cultural significance of cockfighting and its intricate ties to societal dynamics.